Over the River and Through the Woods

Last Saturday we headed off to Wisconsin for the weekend. On our way out of town, we stopped to see Peaty & Erin & baby Elliot in St. Paul. (Erin & Peaty are the couple who flew us out from BC to Iowa to do their wedding last August). Just a few weeks ago their baby was born (a few weeks early himself, but he at least held off for a while). Elliot had finally been discharged from the hospital and they were ready to finally get to their new home in Iowa.

It's a cool blessing to get to be a part of people's journeys through life. We first got to know Erin through the P-Cov youth group. Then she and Peaty were on staff at camp for my last three summers while I worked there. Each of them served in my department the last summer--little did I know they'd be getting married the next year. I'm grateful for those who have invited us in.

Next we headed over the St. Croix River and through the North Woods of Wisconsin to Beth's Mom's house. I had a meeting at our denomination's annual meeting that I needed to be at on Monday, so we headed out early to have some time with family. We got to see three out of the seven families of Beth's siblings over the weekend. And the boys got plenty of time with MorMor. In fact, they didn't want to leave her house. Which is good.

And the meeting went fairly well on Monday. For those who would like more details, drop me a line.

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