Change We Can Make Happen

Regardless of the outcome of the elections, I'm glad that the campaigning is done. It was getting to be very tiresome. I don't think I've ever heard the word "cronies" used so much. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that the way the political ads play out is the way the politicians play out, too.

It's been interesting to hear people's reactions to the election. Just looking through my Facebook friends' statuses people are excited, disappointed, hopeful, prayerful and even wanting to leave the country.

Let's face it: many people prayed going into this election and some felt led to vote for one candidate, some felt led to vote for the other. God doesn't put the answer to the nation's woes in one person; He places them in all of us.

Rudy Guliani said last night that after the election, we're no longer Republicans or Democrats but Americans. (Hmmm, that reminds that we're no longer male/female, slave/free, Jew/Gentile but all one in Christ.) Nearly everyone who voted hoped for change. One leader (whether the one you voted for or note) can't bring about change by himself. Change doesn't just happen. It requires work, and we all must work together to bring about change. So, don't just sit back and expect it to happen. Roll up your sleeves, America. Let's get to work. And don't forget to keep hoping while you're at it.

"Let your unfailing love surround us, Lord, for our hope is in you alone" (Psalm 33:22, NLT).

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sue @ grace corner said...

As always, Dave, you pack a lot of wisdom into very few words. Thanks for standing firm in the good news of the gospel rather than promoting the unfreedom of fear and loathing.