Hulk Angry

Today while reading in Ephesians, I came across this verse: "don't sin by letting anger gain control over you" (Eph 4:26 NLT, which is a quote from Psalm 4:4). I've read that before, but today it meant something different. I've been working through anger lately.

My previous tendency in reading that verse was to take it to mean, don't get overly angry so that you are driven by it. I have since learned that my actual tendency is to repress my anger, and in doing so, it gains control of me. I'm still learning how to be angry properly. There is a time and a place for it. I know that much. And I know that I can't let it control me by repressing it or by giving in to it. So I'm still learning what it means to be angry. I guess I'm still learning about a lot of my emotions (us Scandinavian types stereo-typically haven't done will with expressing them). So, I guess what I'm trying to say is don't tick me off, because you don't know what I'll do. I kid. Mostly.

I am learning that emotions, like much of life, is a balance between not over doing it (binging) and avoiding all together (anorexic). That's where healthy living lies.
(I haven't seen the Incredible Hulk since it was on TV back in the day)

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