When we got home from church today, Anders asked if he could go shovel snow as a chore (I know . . . where did this kid come from? And why can't he want to do the chores I ask him to do?). We don't really have anything to shovel as our responsibility, but I said I would take him out for a little bit. This wasn't our first snowfall, but it finally seemed enough to try out the new sled that Nils received for his birthday. So we did a few runs down the hill in the park next to our apartment.
There's a certain purity with snow. Anders likes to test the edibleness of it. A fresh snowfall leaves a trail of where you've been (if you're one of the first ones out on it). We noticed squirrel tracks on the roof of the garage this morning and rabbit tracks on the ground as we were walking out to the car. We could tell which sled ride of ours took us the furthest because of the trail we left.

We leave trails in life, too. I look at the path I've left behind me and think about how I can make a better trail on the road ahead of me. Most likely, some people will follow our paths. We're not going to be perfect, but we have opportunities to set things right and make our trail better for those who follow us.

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