Give Thanks

It's our first Thanksgiving (it will not get recognition as Turkey Day by me--I call it as it is) by ourselves today. We couldn't make the trip in one day to get to any family gatherings, and our friends here were already occupied. Beth had to work late last night and has a crazy early morning tomorrow. So we're at our house by ourselves. Which, in a way is kind of nice. We ate our meal at a normal time (it seems like family gatherings always have something like a 3pm meal--which is right in the middle of nap time for little kids). Beth made a fabulous meal, by the way. She didn't let me do much of it (I did make a pumpkin cake). We just got back from a walk around the lake/pond. The boys are in rest time. It's been a nice day. All the same, we do miss family and friends.

Here's my short list of things I'm thankful for:
My loving wife, my wonderful boys, my family, good friends (new nearby and far away), new life, my denomination, a new church family, old church families, parks, lakes, woods, books, music, movies that tell a good story, good food, second chances, recovery, forgiveness, when Anders & Nils hip-hop dance, the Muppet Show, gentle snowfalls, sunshine, soft rains, singing birds, the Hand of Providence and God's great love & provision (among a myriad of other things).

Happy Thanksgiving.

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