Tricks, Treats & Birthday Cake

Friday night we took the boys out trick-or-treating. Halloween isn't a big holiday for us, but when the boys know there's candy to be had, well, you can't just ignore it. So we took dinosaur and Spiderman for a walk around the block. I have never seen such a haul. We'll have that candy around until at least Valentine's Day. Nils was quite excited about his first Halloween that he was able to really participate in.

My family (except for Aunt Amy) came up this weekend & since Beth had off, we celebrated Nils's birthday a week early. After some cake (I baked a pumpkin cake, Beth made cream cheese frosting and decorated with a Thomas train) & ice cream, we enjoyed the weather and played in the park for a while. Then back in for presents (interspersed with time with Baby Riley). I had made some chili for supper and we played some Apples to Apples together. It's a good thing we had an extra hour for this morning!

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Jane D. said...

How fun to have a bunch of your family up there! Can't believe Nils will be 2! Are they all sitting on a sled in the pix with the kids with you and Brian in the background?