A Boy's Outing

The boys and I went out this morning to give Beth some time to work on things. Anders was kind of throwing a tantrum when we left--he has a tendency to do that when we're going on a fun outing. I tell you this now because it will come into play later.

We went to the zoo (it's free. Free outings are always good). It's been a while since we've gone and spent time looking at everything. The boys enjoyed it.

We also spent some time in the conservatory. They actually wanted to stay and see some of the plants and flowers. It was, at least, a warm place to spend some time.

On the way back, we partook briefly of the St. Paul winter carnival--the snow sculptures at the fairgrounds. They were pretty cool.

So, when we got home, I had forgotten to have Anders take his time out from the tantrum he threw before we left in the morning. He reminded me himself of his own time out. I'm not sure where we got him from.

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Jane D. said...

Awwww...love that precious boy!