It's Time to Talk About What We Have Learned Today

Recently, Beth picked up some things that were on clearance in the toy isle in Target. Most were up for consideration for a gift exchange, but we ended up using different items. Some things got returned to Target, but we ended up keeping a few games and things because they were so cheap and the boys would utilize them. One of them was a set of books with a DVD where the DVD uses the book kind of like karaoke and puts the story to music. It works on short vowel sounds.

Long story short: All that is background for me saying that today Anders read the whole way through one of the books pretty much by himself (with some coaching, of course). I'm proud of him.

And Nils is starting to finally get his colors down. And he has recognition of a few letter and number shapes.

Beth and I are continually learning as well. I think right now it's mainly about ourselves, each other and God. I just got back from my Monday night group.One of the things I was reflecting on tonight is how my image of God keeps changing. And it should--at least if I'm investing in getting to know Him more and more. If my view of Who God is hasn't changed in a while, then I'm not growing much spiritually. That's my new revelation. It's not new, but it's something I'm recognizing to keep myself in check about. I think there's probably a lot of people out there whose view of God has changed very little over their lifetime. If that's the case we we have put God in a box. So, my God is now out of His box, and I'm seeing Him differently than I did a year ago. He's taking me out of the box I put myself in as well. I'm learning more about myself and who He made me to be.

Learning is good. Not always fun, but good. And important for becoming a fully-alive human being.

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Jane D. said...

Amen! Yay God for learning...about Him first and foremost but overall too!