Overheard in Church Today

Today was Hip Hop Sunday again. The first song we sang was a version of Aerosmith & Run DMC's song Walk This Way--with different lyrics, of course: "Walk His way, talk His way." It made me smile.

After doing a bit of dancing in the aisle, Nils told Beth, "I'm dancing for Jesus." Indeed he was. What more could a parent ask for.

During the sermon, Pastor Efrem shared a piece of a conversation he had been having with Neeraj Mehta, who is on staff at the church's Community Development Corporation. They had reflected on how poverty isn't about a lack of money. Poverty, at its core, is a lack of relationships. If you know people you can get a job. If you know people, you can get an education. When we were unemployed, we didn't worry too much, because we knew people and God took care of us through them. Indeed, that was one of the times in our lives when we knew how rich we truly were.

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Jeremy Scheller said...

I love recalling this message. Neeraj and I were just talking last night about the possibility of him spinning off a new class from City Matters. Digging deep into issues of poverty and justice.

I hope he does it.

Fun to stumble upon your blog.