Family All Around

We were in Iowa for most of the weekend. My cousin got married. He's a couple months younger than I am, we grew up a couple miles apart, so we were fairly close growing up. I've been bad at keeping in touch with him since college, but it was a blessing to get to be at their wedding, to meet his new bride and to celebrate with them. Congrats again, Jeff & Kris!

While we were in Des Moines, we stayed with my sister in her new apartment. She watched the boys while we were at the wedding. When we got to her place late Friday night the boys said, "This is going to be fun!"

She took us down the the Des Moines Farmers Market on Saturday morning. I forgot the camera, but it was quite a sight. There had to be thousands of people and about 12+ blocks of vendors. Good food to eat, produce to buy, arts, music and more.

We went to the cemetery with my grandmother after that (read previous post). The boys got to see their cousins while Beth and I were at the wedding.

We went to church with my grandmother on Sunday morning and got to have lunch with the pastor and his family, with whom I went to seminary. It was a nice end to the weekend to sit on their patio, eat, soak in the sun and have some good conversation.

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