The Newest Member of the Family

This is Muddy. Sorry the picture is so blurry, but Muddy is about the size of a quarter, so it's hard to get the camera close enough and still be in focus to see him well.

The turtle was given to Beth from a friend's wife earlier this week. The boys named it Muddy. We haven't been looking for a pet or anything. I think it was found while my friend was fishing. So we haven't had the discussion about pets and responsibility with the boys. We don't even have anything proper to keep it in. Right now he's in a Kid K'Nex toy container, which is working fairly well until we find something more proper (Muddy at least can't climb out and there are wet and dry places for him to explore. For right now, at least, he's around keeping the boys happy. And we'll work on learning some responsibility (right after potty training, picking up toys and obeying).

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