Anniversary Weekend

We had a wonderful anniversary weekend. Even with little discretionary spending money, we were able to have a great time. My sister & her husband watched the boys on Saturday night after Beth got home from work. We went out for supper at a restaurant with candles on the table instead of ketchup bottles. Sadly, aside from the sweet potato fries, the meal was unimaginative, at best. Still, the view was good (of my wife sitting across from me) as well as the conversation.

We looked into attending the theater, but couldn't find anything we were overly excited about for the price of the tickets, so we ended up at ComedySportz. We haven't laughed that much in a long time (and it was very clean). A highly recommended outing.

After church and a nap for Beth yesterday, we headed down to Lake Harriet. The boys enjoyed some time in the water--which needs a few more days of sun before Beth and I can fully enjoy it. We spent a little time in Lyndale Park walking through the gardens. Then we headed back to the band shell for a picnic and the evening concert by the Minneapolis Police Concert Band. Even with the kids with us, we can still have a romantic outing. Really. We had a great time. And a wife I love by my side to boot!

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