A Walk in the Rain

The boys, my niece and I were going outside this afternoon for some popcicles and play time, but it was just starting to rain (and Riley's mom just arrived to pick her up early), so the boys just sat on the steps and worked on the popcicles. Beth got home as we were finishing up prayer time before the boys went to bed; I asked her if I could take a walk after we finished, mostly because I sensed my body needed some exercise today. So I put on my sandals and my rain coat and walked down to the path around the lake.

The rain was still going. It was a good, soaking rain which we really needed (still in drought conditions). It reminded me of a rainfall in British Columbia--it was warm out (in the 70s), slowly falling (I was in shorts and my legs were barely wet when I returned)--except that no one else was out (though I did see one lady walking a dog at the end of my walk). In the Vancouver area, rain seldom stops any normal activities.

The walk was a very spiritual experience--more so than my devotions today. Creation was still active, and I was the only one who got to see it. The two great blue herons swooping over the water, the muskrat carrying sedges to its den, the mother duck swimming with her young family, the songbirds chirping from their refuges in the trees. The rain glistened on the conifer needles and deciduous leaves. It fell so gently that you could still see reflections on the lake's surface. Plants shined their green-ness in thanks for the much needed drink. It was a worship experience, better than any with stero surround sound. God was preaching, too--reminding me that He nurtures, cares for and sustains me. I just need to stop long enough so that my roots can soak it up.

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that's beautiful