Little Kicks

Last night Anders had his first soccer practice of the season (which is only like 5 or 6 more sessions of practice for 20 minutes & 30 minutes of game--hooray!). It was a new experience for him. We've been practicing a little (though I only know the basics of soccer--like don't use your hands). His friend from the neighborhood, Sophie, was going to do it so we thought we'd give it a try (he and Sophie ended up on the same team--the Marlins).

He's actually pretty good at kicking the ball, but chasing the ball is a new concept. He's more apt to cheer on the other kid next to him. Or just talk to the other kid next to him. Most of his teammates were like that, though. So, I guess it's good that they made friends quickly.

Nils enjoyed it, too, but we had a hard time keeping him off the field. Thankfully, another player's brother was a good companion for playing with. Go Marlins!
(Anders, by the way, is the kid with his shirt tucked into his shorts in all the pictures.)

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