Twelve Years Later

Twelve years ago today, my bride said "I do" when Pastor Al asked her if she would take me as her husband. We vowed to make a future with each other in it; we vowed to be with each other no matter what came our way. We were young then. We knew little about real love (we still have a lot to learn). But God has been gracious with us. He's been gracious with me--giving me a very forgiving wife. We've learned that love is a commitment (not a feeling), but also a way of life. Love is learning more about your spouse each day, about their needs, about how to serve them better, about their fears, hopes and dreams. We've had our rough times--sometimes it feels like we've had more of those than times of prosperity--but through it all I would always say "I do" to my wife. God put her in my life to help me become who He created me to be (along with other people--the burden isn't Beth's alone). And I look forward to what lies ahead for us. Whatever comes my way, I am positive that I can get through it with Beth at my side (and with God's grace, of course). I love you, Beth Wenell.

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