Midsommar Celebration

The American Swedish Institute in Minneapolis had their Midsommar Celebration today. I, of course, forgot the camera, but the boys wanted to show off their paintings when they got home: Anders has a majstrång (maypole) on his hand; Nils has the flag of Sweden on his cheek.

Midsommar celebrates the summer solstice, full of procreative symbols and partaking of the first growth of the summer (flower wreaths in women's hair, greens on the pole, usually eating the first potatoes and strawberries of the summer). For most, it's just become a celebration of Swedish culture. We enjoy the costumes, the folk music and dancing, the food (mmm, meatballs), children's activites (storytime, carving butter knives, coloring) and seeing some of the wares for sale.

It's our second time attending here--it may become a bit of a tradition; we'll see how it plays out. And, I must insert here, that I love Beth for putting up with my enjoyment festivals that celebrate my heritage (we also enjoy Celtic festivals--though I guess we haven't done much with the German side of things) and even gets into them herself. Not bad for a Norwegian (I jest--the Norse and the Swedes have a very shared history). The boys enjoyed the frog song (Små Grodorna) and have learned some of the words and actions. We've been singing it all day. Ej öron, ej öron, ej svansar hava de. Kou ack ack ack . . .

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