Rockin' the River

Beth worked after church yesterday; I dropped her off so the boys and I could drive over to St. Paul to go to some of the Rock the River event. It was a big concert venue put on by the Billy Graham Evangelism Association. His son Franklin spoke a couple of times, along with a few other people. But music was the big focus. It was the boys first big concert to go to. I think they were overwhelmed. There were so many people. The screen with Kirk Franklin on it in the picture below is the big one toward the back of the crowd. We were under it quite a bit. You can maybe see another screen just under the big one. That's one of the ones up by the stage. The place was a sea of people.

There were a number of bands over seven hours. We weren't there for all of them. We did hear December Radio, SuperChick, Lecrae and Kirk Franklin (we didn't get to hear Canton Jones, Flame and Flyleaf). Nils impressed a few people with his dance moves.

They also had an area with some skateboarders. The boys enjoyed watching them.

It was a long day, as you can tell by Anders' expression.

I think they enjoyed it yet. We were able to go since they got in free and it was only at $10 ticket for me. It'll probably be a little while before they get to another big concert (unless there's another really affordable one that comes along). It was fun (though a bit overwhelming and tiring--and we got a bit hungry since we weren't buying food there and weren't supposed to bring our cooler inside the gates). It was interesting just to watch the variety of people who were there (most for the "Jesus music", but guessing from some of the t-shirts people were wearing, there were a sampling of people who just came because it had "Rock" in the venue title). I saw a lot of hope for the generation that's coming behind us.

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