The Week in Review

This week started off last Sunday with a day trip to Interstate Park in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. We did a little hiking (not as much as we would have liked because of tantrums by a 5-year old), a little swimming, some exploring of the small Scandinavian towns along the way and just enjoying the scenery.
The boys and I hit the Splash Pad on Tuesday one last time before it's shut down for the summer.
I was bad and forgot to take pictures, but the boys and I drove to Wisconsin to see Beth's mom on Thursday night. We haven't gotten to see her as much as we've seen my parents, so I wanted to give them some time with her.
When we got back on Saturday afternoon, my sister and her dog were here (she brought my grandma up for the weekend). Nils enjoys spending time with Bella, her dog. My other sister's family brought Grandma to church with us today. Anders was part of a Sunday School performance, doing a "dance" to a mem0ry verse. Afterward we had lunch at our place to celebrate Grandma's 91st birthday (and Uncle Wilder's birthday tomorrow as well). She celebrated her 90th with a Harley ride; she went to a diverse church for her 91st--which is a pretty big step for her.
This evening the boys and I went to a concert at Lake Harriet. I should have run them around the playground a few times first, as they weren't ready to listen, even if it was Jack Pearson--Mr. Song-Strummin' Storyman. Afterward, the boys and I went to a nearby Famous Dave's restaurant (our first visit). I had a BBQ pork sandwhich with fries, Anders had a mini-corn dog kids' basket and Nils had a PB&J kids' basket (and we came home with a huge box of left-over French fries)--all for just over $3 since my first name is David as is Anders' middle name. Thanks, Famous Dave's.

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