While the Kids're Away . . .

Since our boys have been down on the farm with my parents for a few days, Beth and I decided to get caught up on our dating life yesterday while she had a day off.

First stop: Farmers Market. I didn't get any pictures, but we filled up a cooler with veggies for under $15. Now to plan some good meals for this week.

Next we went down to the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. We only got through part of the second floor, which was art from Asia, Africa, Native American and some textiles and modern art. We plan on going back a bit to see the rest (the third floor is European and American art, plus there were plenty of exhibits we missed).

After some sandwiches at the Bad Waitress Cafe (where we actually had a waiter), we headed down to the Museum of Russian Art. All the Russian Art was housed in an old American church done in Mexican-mission style. Kind of a clash of cultures. But it was cool. The building was very nice and the art was cool (cameras weren't allowed there, so I don't have any pictures). The special display was an exhibit of stamps from Russia.

We ended the evening with dinner at a friends house and then out to a movie with them. It was nice to have some time with just other adults. I guess it's been a while. But we're glad the boys are coming home tonight, at the same time we're thankful for a bit a of alone time.

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