How Much Space Do We Need?

I stumbled across two pictorial stories today about people living in small (quite small) spaces and making the most out of them intentionally. Does more space enhance our lives?
1. Life in a Yurt (Click here for slide show)
2. A Roomy 178 Square Feet (Click here for slide show)

Post Script: I was reflecting later how I wrote this mostly for myself. I find it a struggle at times to be content in our little apartment. Yet is is more than four times as large as the one in the second article (albeit, we have four people in here, so it comes out to about the sme square footage per person). I personally could do with less inside space if I ha some outside space of my own.

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Captivated said...

I felt claustrophobic and closed in just reading these articles. Yet I also admire people who live differently than I do and make it work.