The Valentine's Day Party

On Friday Beth was off, so we all went to Anders school to help out that day for their Valentine's Day party. They started the morning with sledding on a hill by the school. The snow was so thick, it took several runs before the kids could get very far down the hill.

We brought our toboggan along--the kids loved it because six of them could ride at a time. We did get some exercise carrying it back up the hill.
I drove all the sleds over to the top of the hill in our car. A yard along the way had a quite impressive snow sculpture of a train engine.

After the sledding, Beth and Nils stayed in Anders' classroom to help with their party. They still decorate bags (though we did shoe boxes when I was little) and pass out cards (I was impressed with the number that weren't store bought; kids don't have to participate--though if they did--and everyone did--they had to give a card to everyone). I went to the media center to help out there (initially figuring Nils would be with me and could read books or play on a computer).

It was fun working in the library as one of the classes arrived. Some kept asking me where certain books were, assuming I knew since I was there. One boy kept sharing all the facts he knew about spiders and other things from books he was looking at. The teacher part of me misses some of that--being a part of students' learning. I guess it's good that I get that as a parent--especially an at-home parent.

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