Still Dating After All These Years

When Beth and I would do premarital counseling for couples whose wedding I was asked to officiate, we would always stress the importance of keeping a date night with each other.

We we ever good at it ourselves? Admittedly, no. It's easy to let life get in the way: no money, no babysitter, no time, too tired . . .

And though we were never good at following our own advice, we still knew the value of it.

We got a date night last night for Valentine's Day. One of Beth's co-workers who also goes to our church offered to watch the boys for us.

Admittedly, I'm terrible at planning dates. We end up usually seeing a movie. We saw one last night (I came across 2-for-1 tickets). I think I enjoy movies so much because it's a more convenient way of sharing a story together than taking the time to read together from a book. And stories are powerful. They can be life-changing.

We saw The Blind Side last night. A movie I wanted to see, but would have waited until it's DVD release for, but there wasn't anything that was a "must see in the theater." The Blind Side can be one of those life-changing stories. It's a powerful story of being good stewards--of sharing what we have with those who don't, of sharing ourselves, of taking a chance on doing the right thing, of taking a chance on others and yourself. It provided us with some good discussion at supper afterward (adoption and foster parenting are important to us).

And date nights are important to us. We may not get them in as often as we like to (we still have a small babysitter pool), but we also know that date nights don't necessarily have a predefined look. What's important is to have the time together, sharing ourselves, investing in each other. We don't necesssarily have to even leave the apartment, but we have to be intentional.

I love you, Beth. And I love being with you. Now and forever.

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