After lunch yesterday afternoon, the boys and I headed back out to Medicine Lake for the last day of the Art Shanty Projects. We were just experiencing the beginnings of our 2-day snow. It really was quite nice. The boys tried out the kick-sleds at the Scandinavian Shack, slide on the ice patches on the lake, and read a little in the library shanty.

We went to the Tiny Shanty again (a 3-story mansion, shrunk down, as the story goes). The resident described the boys as the "artists in residence" as they made tiny pictures to hang on the walls (it was encouraged--as you can see, many others had done it already). The boys also took some art they had made earlier to the Art Swap Shanty. I forgot to take pictures there of their trades, but I hope to get pictures off their website when they're up.

After some hot cocoa and a hot dog to share from the Art Taxi Shanty, we headed out to make a few stops (okay, I guess it was 4) before picking Beth up from work. It was half-time of the Super Bowl when we got home from picking her up. We miss the fellowship that we used to have during the Super Bowl. It wasn't feasible for us to host a party as Beth was working for part of the game and we had to pick her up. I guess it's been a few years since we've been to a party. Not a big deal as we're not football fans, but we could always count on being invited somewhere in Iowa. It wasn't unusual for churches to host a party with a big screen or projector. That probably happens in the city as well; we just don't hear much about it.

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