Der Tannenbaum

We put up the tree and decorated the house yesterday (it really doesn't take all that long in our apartment). It's pretty early for us. It seemed fitting, being the first Sunday in Advent and all. Speaking of, that's the part of "contemporary worship" that I miss: celebrating the church calendar. We found some family Advent devotionals online that we're going to try using.

It's fun to watch Advent unfold through the boys' eyes. Nils doesn't really remember any of this, so it's all new. We'll see if the tree survives him, though. Anders knows what it's all about. He knows all the characters in the nativity scene and what their roles are. I think he's even getting the "giving" aspect of Christmas: we enjoyed putting a shoe box together for Operation Christmas Child.

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Alaina Beth said...

They are so cute. Thanks for the pictures. They were good for a laugh on a frustrating school paperwriting day.