Another Weekend Away

My cousin Chad got married this weekend, so we headed down to Iowa. It was another good weekend with family. We got to see a lot of cousins and other relatives and friends we hadn't seen for a while (some hadn't met Nils). All of my family was staying at my parents' house for the first time in years (for five years we lived less than an hour away, so we didn't stay overnight there). The wedding was nice (congrats again, Chad & Tiffanie) and the boys made it through it without too much trouble (they really were pretty good during the ceremony--and the reception. They sat along the edge of the dance floor and watched the bride dance).

My grandmother came out and had lunch (or dinner if you're from the country) with us after church. She was in pretty good form; she enjoyed watching the great-grandkids play. It's still very hard to see the effects of the stroke; it's even harder to say good-bye each time. We finished getting our kubb game made, so we taught the family the game and enjoyed the time on the lawn.

The weekend reminded me of how much I love the country. I took some time at night to walk to the end of my parents' lane and just look at the stars. They seem so much brighter. An orange crescent moon setting on the horizon and heat lightning in the opposite direction added to the wonder of the night. Even just the fireflies buzzing across the fields is a sight to behold.

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