In Tents

We got in our second camping trip of the summer. Which is good--we didn't get any in last summer (which was maybe for the best with Nils having been really young and into everything). This time we were down to Clear Lake State Park in Iowa where we met up with all of my family. In true Wenell-camping fashion, we had rain. Not much for us, just sprinkles here and there Saturday night and Sunday morning, but my parents had 2-3 inches on Thursday night when they were there early.

It was a good weekend with family. Each family took a meal, so that made meal times more relaxed, and we all enjoyed the anticipation of what each meal would be. The weather was cooler, so the lake wasn't the best for swimming, but the kids still got in some and enjoyed playing at the beach. We played a bit of bean bag toss and ladder golf. And the campfire was almost continuously going.

It wasn't our favorite campground (not very tent friendly), but it was a good half-way point between us all. And we could overlook what the place lacked since we were having a good time together. Sometimes that's what camping is about (not all the time, but for this weekend family-time was the biggest need and blessing).

Celebrating Anders' birthday.

Nothing more relaxing like sitting around the campfire.

Playing lawn games.

Uncle Bubs & Baby Riley

Anders, Ethan & Nils playing at the beach.

FarFar & FarMor with all the grand kids.

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