Good Times

Wednesday afternoon our friends Kennan and Alaina arrived. They had just left their family in Iowa that morning. On their way to Alaska. To live there. So I'm very grateful that we were included in their journey. We took them that afternoon to the Minneapolis Sculpture Park.

From their we went to Lake Harriet for a picnic supper. Then we played a rousing game of Kubb--a Swedish game which we've seen many times around here, but never had the chance to play ourselves; it drew a few spectators.n we sat to listen to one of the nightly concets there. It happened to be 4 artists that are part of the Minnesota Songrwriters Association, showcasing their works. It was fun--we were all in a silly, tired mood. Once duet mostly sang songs about dogs (they have a CD with 15 tracks about dogs, if you're interested). We had a hard time not laughing too loud through some of it. I don't have pictures of the concert, except for the man with the dog doo bag haning out his shorts. It seemed appropriate.

Yesterday we just relaxed and enjoyed time together. Kennan & Alaina got the oil changed in their car before they started off on the next 4000 miles of their journey. Anders had a soccer game last night, so we went to that. It's been cold here the last couple days (well, cold for Minnesota in July. We're lucky to hit the upper 60s), so we pulled out sweatshirts and pants. They took off early this morning to get across North Dakota and into Canada. And they leave with many blessings as they start a new life/ministry in Alaska. Kyrie eleison down the road that you must travel.


SueAtGraceCorner said...

Hey, excellent job on the spoon and cherry! Everyone tries, but not everyone can get it lined up so perfectly!

Rev. Dave said...

That was all Beth. She's much more detail-oriented.