Five Candles

Anders is officially five now that he had that "thing with the presents and the games" (see previous post). He wanted an outer-space theme. Beth made a great rocket cake for him.

The weather held and we were able to be outside for the whole party. The kids played some space games: ring the space shuttle, alien bowling and feed the alien (with water balloons). The slip and slide became the favorite activity for a while. Oh, and of course there was present-opening. "Awesome" was used a lot. I don't think I'll see him for the next couple days; he'll be busy with his toys and building things.

It's hard to believe we've been parents for five years now. I'm still not used to this part where they keep getting bigger. Just when they get into a cute phase, they move into a different one. And I mourn the loss of the previous phase, but marvel at what's next. It's a wondrous (and at times frustrating) journey watching Anders grow into the man God created him to be. He's creative, artistic, sensitive, loves to build things, loves to learn, loves natures, needs a lot of affirmation, hates shots (kicking and screaming), is shy but loves his friends and so much more. That's my son, and I love him.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the cake! Brings back memories of making cakes for my boys. Aunt Jeri

Rev. Dave said...

What? You don't make cakes for them anymore? :)

Alaina Beth said...

Happy Birthday Anders!!! See you soon!!