The Lecutres

So while we were camping at Devils Lake earlier this week, the boys and I hiked over to the amphitheater while Beth was napping in the car after a trip over to a playground in the park. I go up front and show them that sometimes they have a naturalist do a presentation at the podium or show a film here.

So next Anders goes up behind the podium and starts giving a speech on conifers (their knowledge of which comes from a They Might Be Giants song on their kids' CD). After he's done, Nils and I clap. And then Nils goes up to give a speech. I couldn't hear him (let alone see him) to know what he talked about, but it was probably also on conifers.

They keep alternating giving lectures 4 or 5 times. Mostly on conifers each time, I think. Anders did one on plants, trees and flowers where he was gesturing with his arms around him. I tried hard not to laugh because he would take it personally, but it was quite humorous. And on Nils' turns he stands behind the podium so I couldn't see anything at all of him--nor could I hear a word he said. Thankfully, he would peek around the side when he was done so I would know to clap. It was the best 15 minutes I've spent at a lecture.

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Alaina Beth said...

That might be the funniest thing I'm heard in a while. We can't WAIT to see you all!