A Difference of Perspective

So the announcer on the radio station this afternoon make some statement about how you're going to have to be walking forever from your car to get to the Mall of America now (I don't know if something is going on or just because of increased traffic for the holidays--couldn't tell you, don't care). So she said that shopping online makes all the difference.

Walking is the one reason I might consider shopping at a mall. The put offs for me are the brash materialism, the messages sent to try to get you to buy something and just the fact that I feel my soul being sucked dry when I'm there. But let's face it, most of us (myself included) need to go to a large shopping area and park at the very last spot in the very last row. Just for the sake of the exercise--you can even skip the shopping (I would probably end up convincing myself to by some sugary snack on sale in the checkout line which would just negate the walking). I often try to park wherever a spot is open, even intentionally a bit away from the building, and not circle the parking lot waiting for the closest spot possible to open up. I prefer to walk a bit (unless the wind is bitter--then it's front row if I can).

I guess that's just a difference of perspective between me and the radio announcer.

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