Green with Irony

I don't watch Jay Leno much, but I happened to have it on tonight while I was painting (I know--how inspiring for art, eh?). Apparently he does this segment where he has guest stars drive a Ford hybrid car, trying to beat previous guests' times. They do two laps--the first one they drive the course as fist as possible, the second lap they throw in some obstacles. The irony is that while they're promoting this environmentally safe car, they shoot a bunch of streamers out as part of the obstacles. Maybe they recycle those streamers; it's possible. Maybe they also recycle the Al Gore and Ed Begley Jr. cardboard cutouts as well. Possibly they turn those into pulp to produce some biofuel that runs the car.

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Ariah said...

And they race a care around in a circle, hybrid or not that's a waste of gas and wear and tear on the car