Fresh Farm Air

I heard about Gale Woods Farm a few weeks ago from a friend of church and have been wanting to go out and see it sometime. We took advantage of the gorgeous November weather (under the assumption that there won't be much more of it) and took a drive this afternoon. It's a pretty cool place--they run it as sustainable as possible and sell the meat, eggs, produce and wool they produce; they also run a lot of classes through their folk school on working with wool, cooking from the garden, composting, raising chickens and the like. It's a great program to have going for kids from the city (and even from rural areas anymore) to learn where food actually comes from, as well as teaching how to be more sustainable in agriculture--the way our it was done a century ago. They had a "maze" through the round bales, but the highlight was running across them and jumping across them. (The exercise ended with a nap for one of the boys on the ride home!) The fresh air was good for us, too.

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Love that last photo of Beth & Nils!