Of Icy Ponds And Chilly Nights

I was able to get in a brief, brisk walk this morning before my wife left for work. In addition to the frost on the grass and windshields, there was a thin layer of ice in several places as I walked around the pond.

Tonight the boys and I grabbed our next door neighbor boy and went down to the park for a little while before the sun set. Once the sun started dropping beneath the leafless tree line, the temperature started dropping noticeably.

Despite the warm days recently, the reminders are around that it's autumn and winter is coming soon. You can't escape the fact that seasons bring change. And the changing of the seasons always reminds me that God is constant. He will always love me, and I can't change that. His love will always reach out to others. His word will always speak. His grace will always abound.

At the same time, I am reminded that the world changes, and so must I. I've said it before, but I must keep reminding myself of this. My calling is to grow into who God created me to be, to grow into the image of His Son.

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melpbaby said...

I have a hard time admitting it, but I like when it starts getting chilly too. :)