Thankful, Part II

Tonight was our church's annual meeting. During the budget part the statistics for our tithing were pointed out: stuff like how 3 families are contributing nearly 20% of the budget and how if all the member households tithed at the poverty line, it would be a huge jump in the budget's income. Truthfully, our family budget would cover more if we didn't give 10% to church. It's a big chunk of money for what we're dealing with right now. But we've always made it a priority to tithe. I was reflecting recently on how we would go beyond our tithe if God provided us with a job with a more substantial income. He hasn't seen fit to do that yet--no matter how much I try to convince Him that it'd be in the best interest of our church's budget as well as some other ministries.

Yet, even though we'd like things to be different with our income, we know we're in God's hands. Just this weekend, our neighbors let us borrow their old desktop computer (indefinitely) so that Beth can use it to do practice tests on for the GED (which isn't usable on her Mac). Another friend of hers gave her a box of some food she had picked up at Costco. Along with a membership for the store. Another reminder that God is in control. And that we need to be humble enough to accept His provision in whatever generous forms it may take. The weekend before Beth was given the gift of a massage and some time at a retreat center.

Among other things, I'm also thankful for:
Nils' hip hop dancing
the way Anders makes up songs
my wife's creativity
the farmer's market
a tiny space for my own produce
free movies from the library
having a nature center within walking distance


Ariah said...

Thanks for lunch yesterday. It was a lot of fun to hangout and connect a bit. Peace.

Jane D. said...

Awesome stuff! Love it all!