Things That Go Bump in the Night

While I appreciate the light/darkness metaphors used in the faith sometimes, there are plenty of times where it's not a helpful word picture. Too often white gets associated with good and black with bad--which is helpful to distinguish people in old movies, but isn't helpful for racial righteousness.

Also, darkness isn't always bad. After all, God formed the darkness before He created light on the first day. And His creation was good.

Pastor Efrem pointed out in the sermon yesterday on God creating the world, that when we're in crisis, we shouldn't begin by focusing on the challenge itself, but with God the creator. Maybe what God wants to do in our darkness is to adjust our sight, not pull us out of our situation. The longer you stand in darkness, the more vision you regain. Just like when you turn out the lights at night, you're likely to bump into something (especially if something in the room is out of place with our familiarity), but later in the night you can walk around in the darkness just fine.

However--here's the catch; there's always a catch--that regaining of vision can only happing if we're completely trusting in God. Often times we trust the chair that we're sitting on more than we trust the God who created everything.

So I'm learning in the midst of some darkness--uncertainties about what is next, trying to keep our budget working, etc.--to trust God to increase my vision. It's not easy. I try and figure out things on my own far too often. I need more trust. And to be content in the darkness, knowing that there is beauty there as well. The light will come in its own time, but the darkness isn't a bad place to be. For now.

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