Hot Comics was the Name of the Store

We set foot in a comic book store for the very first time yesterday. It was my wife's idea, of all things. She had a classmate from high school who illustrated a comic and she's been interested in finding it.

They had a section of comics appropriate for all ages. And it was more than just Casper the Friendly Ghost and Donald Duck. We ended up getting a couple comic books for the boys (Tiny Titans for Nils and Batman: Brave and the Bold for Anders). The only time I read comic books when I was young was when I went to the barber shop in town. The barber had a whole counter full of comic books to read. Mainly Casper, Richie Rich and Archie. They always had those adds for Sea Monkeys and X-Ray Glasses. They don't have those anymore (at least in the DC Comics the boys got--I didn't check in Archie).

We've been enjoying our nerdy sides more lately, thanks to The Big Bang Theory. Beth picked me up an Iron Man T-shirt recently. I enjoy superheroes, but I'm not very up on them. My knowledge mainly comes from movies and the cartoons that were on when I was a child (remember "Wonder Twins, activate!"?).

Superheroes are always fun, though. There's always good action, evil to overcome and campy quotes ("Holy isotopes, Batman!"). Not to mention all the spandex. And mutant evil-doers.

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