Twelfth Day of Christmas


Wise men traveled from a distant land;
A land where the God of the Jews
was unknown,
Where Ahura Mazda was the god
and Zoroaster his prophet.

Wise men traveled, following the light:
Light from a star which showed
the way,
Which foretold of the birth of a
great King.

Wise men traveled bearing gifts:
Gifts of gold, worthy of a King
who owns everything;
Gifts of the most valuable incense,
worthy of a god;
Gifts of myrrh, for preparing a body
for entombment.

Wise men arrived from Persia;
Arrived at the home of a carpenter
and his young bride,
And their infant Son who
was worthy of their worship.

Wise men announced the birth of a King;
A baby whom Herod
wanted dead,
A baby whom shepherds
alone had praised.

Are we wise enough to follow as well?
Do we decide to journey to the Light
to find the Son?
What do we give Him
that will be worthy?

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