Surviving Tragedy

Earlier this week, a six-year old survivor was pulled from the wreckage in Haiti. Each day--even nearly two weeks later--survivors are being found here and there. But thing that got to us in that event was that the boy was just a year older than Anders. He had been in the wreckage for almost a week. Alone. No parents. Trapped under a building.

It was hard to imagine. Our hearts broke when we heard of it. We couldn't imagine what it would be like for Anders to be trapped, alone, for nearly a week after surviving a horrific earthquake.

We're not at a place in life where we have financial wiggle-room. To be honest, we're raising a family of four under the poverty level. That's mostly our choice, as we want one of us home with the boys instead of putting them in day care; it's also because we haven't been able to find better-paying jobs in this economy. It can be easy to look at all we don't have and want: a house, a second car, a vacation, opportunities for the boys. But when you see a country with absolutely nothing recovering from such a catastrophe, it puts in perspective how much you have. We didn't have much to give, but we gave (we went through Covenant World Relief). We haven't given to every catastrophe that has happened in the past few years, but we felt God saying to open up our wallet for this one.

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