A Walk on A Frosty Morning

Outside my window
Hoary frost clings to the tree branches
Like burdock to clothes.
I put on my coat
And head outside for a walk
Around the pond.
The air is crisp,
But it doesn't steal
My breath away.
The snow crunches, scrunches,
Almost squeaks under my feet.
Whiteness is all around me:
On the ground,
On the trees,
Even the air seems white today.
Rabbit tracks meander across the pond.
Birds have left their prints
On the ground
Under the evergreen tree.
Halfway around the pond,
I wish I would have put on
My thermal underwear.
I keep moving,
Hoping my thighs
Warm from the friction,
Enjoying my solitude
And communion with
The wintry landscape.
Only me and God are out here,
And He reminds me
Of His promise that He alone can
Wash me whiter than snow.

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