Imagination Fair

Tonight Anders' school held an imagination fair. Students could sign up and have a display of something they created, studied, collected, (some of the displays were of science experiments--volcanoes, non-Newtonian fluids and such, Lego creations, horse collections, sports trivia, etc.). When we were visiting Beth's cousin's family in St. Paul earlier this month, he saw a picture of a scarlet tanager made out of shapes that one of their boys made as a school project. Anders loves birds, so he thought he'd try doing some of birds we see around our neighborhood. We looked in my bird book; Anders decided what colors and shapes he needed and I helped cut them out. He glued them down and then wrote the name of each bird along with where it lives and what it eats.

In addition to the Cardinal (his favorite bird), the Blue Jay (his other favorite) and the Canvasback, he also made a Wild Turkey and a Great Egret. He was one of the few Kindergartners there. Parents, school staff and people from the community went around the tables and asked questions about the project. He did well. He's got a very artistic eye.

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Alaina Beth said...

I really love that the birds were his idea. That is just really great. I wish that I knew more about birds. I love how proud he looks in that picture...