I Tried out for Jeopardy!

I took an online test for Jeopardy! tonight to try and end up as a contestant on the show someday. It's a long shot. But I've always been encouraged to try it sometime, so I thought now is as good as a time as any.

The test gives you 50 questions to answer within a time periods of fifteen seconds each. That clock counts down far too quickly. And that doesn't include time for Alex Trebek to read the question for you.

Taking a trivia quiz like that is a good way of reminding yourself of how much you don't know. At least, that's what I found out. And this is always a good reminder. There aer old proverbs about how the wisest people are ones who are aware of how little they know.

I've always liked to learn things. I like to know things. The problem is that sometimes I don't use what I know. I've got tons of information about spiritual disciplines in my head, but I have a difficult time incorporating them in my daily living.

And knowledge is useless if it's not used, if it's not acted upon. So that is my goal. Whether or not I make it onto Jeopardy! and get to meet Mr. Trebek. I intend to use more of what I know.

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Ariah said...

Very cool. Awesome that you tried too. From watching the show occasionally way back, I know I wouldn't have a chance.

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