An Advent Poem

Through exile and Roman occupation,
Israel awaited for a Messiah to come
And bring salvation and healing
To the land and the people.
The Messiah, however, came humbly
With no pomp and circumstance,
Born amidst the squalor of a stable.
Few people took notice--
Just some shepherds caught unaware
By the heralding of the heavenly host,
And a group of astronomers from pagan lands
Who watched the skies for signs
And responded to a heavenly announcement
As given by a distant star.

We still wait for the Messiah today.
His first coming ended with
A promise of return.
May we not be caught unawares
Because we ignored the signs.
May our hearts be prepared
To receive the fullness of His glory
No matter how humbly
Or ceremoniously His return is.
With yearning hearts and redeemed lives,
May we herald the Messiah's coming.
Not just during Advent
As we lead into the celebration
Of His birth,
But everyday may we live
In anticipation of the coming
Of God's only Son.


Jane D. said...

Did you write this?

Rev. Dave said...

Well, it's not Emily Dickenson's. Yup. Me.