Let It Snow

It's been snowing since mid-afternoon and doesn't look to be letting up until early tomorrow morning. We'll maybe get 3-5 inches out of it. My poor wife had over an hour commute home (which is normally 20 minutes). After she finished her supper, we took the boys out to the park next to our apartment to do some sledding on the hill. It was well past sunset, so we didn't get any pictures of it, but sledding in the dark is kind of fun. Of course, it wasn't that dark--I enjoy the glow created by city lights between the snow on the ground and the snow in the sky. It was good to get out of the house--we need that during this time of year (as you can tell by their glazed-over expressions in the picture). And when I live in a climate with cold winters, I want the snow (the wind can go elsewhere, however).

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