Where's My Bailout Package?

(Rant alert)
I'm not much into economics or politics, so I admit I haven't paid attention to all the details of the economic crash and the subsequent bailout plans the government has been packaging up the last couple months. Personally, I think it's about time that we have some responsibility out there; sometimes we need to accept the consequences of our actions.

I don't understand completely how the economy works. It seems to be based on greed for the most part: it's doing well when people are spending a lot of money on things they don't need. Frugality doesn't cause a good economy.

Frankly, automobile manufacturers should have to deal with having made gas-guzzling vehicles that people don't want more of. I think it's ridiculous to take out of funds for helping produce more fuel-efficient/alternative fuel vehicles so that we can help out manufacturers who are failing because they haven't done that (I also think it's ridiculous that the average mpg of Ford vehicles is the same as their very first car almost a century ago--we can warm our seats, but we can't average better than 25 mpg?).

I know lots of jobs are effected by the bad economy. We're acutely aware of that. And I don't wish anyone to lose their job. People need grace; corporations don't.

I was reminded in church last Sunday that we say we live in the best country, with the best economy and the best military, etc. But we don't. The Kingdom of God has the most might. It's economy is better than anything else on Earth. It truly is the best place to have your citizenship. That may sound like pious sermonizing; I don't mean for it to be that way. Patriotism can easily become idolatry. Our duty is to transform this place, not conform to it.

And on this Christmas Eve, we must be mindful that God gave us the best bailout plan of all (I know--that sounds like some cheezy saying on a church marquis). Our greatest security is in Jesus. May he be the One who stimulates your life--not some check from the government.

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