'Tis the Season

Yesterday, Anders got to go with a friend to a concert. Before hand they could try some instruments, learn about conducting and gain the knowledge that the violin bow string is made from horse hair (Anders' favorite fact for the day). The concert was the Nutcracker with some jazz music as well. Apparently, the music was the best when there were dancers along with it.

Last night we went over to another couple's home. It's nice to start having some of those opportunities again, now that we've been here a while and are getting to know people. We had a family we've gotten know well over after church today as well.

Right now, if I knew how to do stuff with video on here at all, you'd be watching Nils do his version of dancing (which he has picked up through the hip hop services at church) to Nat King Cole singing Christmas songs.

Yesterday was St. Nicholas Day. We didn't have time yesterday to observe it all together. So this morning, before church we did our presents. We first talked about who St. Nicholas was, how he gave people gifts instead of using his wealth to buy more for himself, and how his name became "Santa Claus." We told the boys about how he gave to others because he loved Jesus; we talked about how God gave us Jesus and how Jesus wants us to give to others. Anders and Beth had recently taken a box of presents we had purchased down to the local headquarters for Operation Christmas Child (through Samaritan's Purse) which we learned would be sent to a boy in Trinidad who wouldn't get presents otherwise. So we discussed how we did that, like St. Nicholas did, because Jesus wants us to take care of others instead of focusing on the things we want others to give us.

Anders had recently seen some of the old classic Christmas specials on TV. He's got some things from those stories mixed into St. Nicholas's story, but over all he knows that Jesus is the best present we could receive. So, Santa Claus won't be visiting our house on Christmas morning, but hopefully we're all learning about giving instead of focusing on what we want for ourselves. I know for myself, though, that's it's not an easy habit to break.

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