Growing Up

Yesterday morning I got to watch my niece, who is now two months old, as my sister returned to work for the first time. It was a treat--as well as a new adventure. I haven't watched a baby (especially a girl!) by myself for a while--and definitely not with two other boys to take care of. She slept the majority of the time. Which was good, except she wouldn't sleep on the bed, only on my shoulder. So I re-learned doing chores around the house with just one hand. The boys were good helpers. And they love their cousin.

Last night I went to a Kindergarten information meeting. It's different for us being in a large city where we have a choice as to which school we send Anders to. The one that we're in the district for seems really good--we're also going to look out the city's Spanish immersion school. It's hard to believe we'll have a kid in school already. But he's ready for it. He's reading and writing some words already. And he'll love being with other kids.

Nils had apparently found the right buttons on the camera. I found this picture on it last night. That's our Nils.

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