Congress, The Constitution & God's Word

I heard on NPR today that when Congress opens on January 6, 2011, they will begin the session with a full reading of the Constitution. Granted, the Republicans are doing it to show up the Democrats whom they feel ignored the Constitution when they were in control. Whatever the motives, it's not a bad idea. Actually, it's a great idea. Shouldn't those who make the laws be well versed in the law? It's incredible that in our nation's history, congress has never read the entire Constitution.

This probably isn't a bad way to start the new year in our churches as well. Not reading the Constitution, of course, but reading the Law and all of God's Word upon which we base our daily living (or at least should be). Not that we have the time read the entire Bible in one setting, but I wonder how many Christians have read through the entire Bible. I wonder how many churches have read through the majority of the Bible throughout even years of existence.

One of the things I'm grateful for as we read The Divine Hours together as a family is that we hear from most sections of the Bible together as a family. I also appreciate following the lectionary at church for the same reason. Of course, whether or not your church follows the lectionary, we all have the ability to read through the entire Bible. Investing in only a few minutes each day takes us through the entire Scripture. If we claim to follow Jesus, we can't do so without knowing His Words (New Testament) and the words He lived by (Old Testament). If you're one to make resolutions, how about starting with something that will shape your life in tremendous ways?


Ariah said...

Well said. And I have read through the whole Bible, I'm proud to say.

I used to feel the same way, that it's all God's word and thus all valuable and thus one should read through the Bible consistently, every year or two as you can.

But, now I guess I'm not sure I feel that way. I sort of feel like a lot of the Bible is full of crazy wacked out stories and antiquated laws and instructions that probably don't need to be read more then once.
That there are legitimately some parts that are really worth repeat readings and thought and others that aren't.

What do you think?

Rev. Dave said...

I guess my feeling is that if we only look at some parts then we neglect everything God is saying to us. The whacked out stories and antiquated laws were what Jesus would have had memorized and referred to when He said "Man cannot live on bread alone but on EVERY word that proceeds from the mouth of the Lord" and what Paul knew when He said "ALL Scripture is God breathed and useful..." Too many churches only read the "happy" Psalms, when most of them are angry, vengeful or depressing. When we pick and choose, we neglect the whole faith experience.

So while I have moments when my focus tends to be mainly on the Psalms and the Gospels for meditation, I try to re-read everything again every so often. For whatever reason God decided to include those crazy and antiquated parts in His Word.