First Saturday of Advent: Promises

Tonight we read the follow-up to yesterday's passage about building the ark. After over a year on the boat (it may have rained for 40 days and nights, but the water covered the earth for a lot longer), it comes to rest on Mount Ararat and God opens the door to let Noah, his family and the animals out. Noah makes some sacrifices as an offering to God (those poor animals that survived being drowned only to be killed after being saved--I believe God must appreciate the irony of that). God gives Noah some direction: you can now eat meat, fill the earth, take care of things, life is sacred so don't murder. Then God makes a promise, a covenant, to never wipe out all life with a flood again. The rainbow is the sign of this promise.

And God does fulfill His promises. He hasn't failed one yet. Some may take a while, but it's His timing, which I'm told is perfect. And there are promises yet to be fulfilled: the return of the King, a new heaven and earth, God's judgment, etc. So, as we wait in Advent, we wait in the shadow of yet-t0-be-fulfilled promises. As we think about celebrating the birth of Jesus, we also wait on the promise of His return. I've talked about waiting in length before, but we have hope when waiting on God's promises. We know He keeps His word.

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