Second Wednesday of Advent: Prepared

Tonight we read about God's commands to the Israelites for getting ready to escape Egypt. Part of that was getting prepared for the angel of death to come through the community. They had to slaughter a lamb, spreading its blood on their door frame and eating the roasted meat. This would be a mark to the angel to pass-over their home, saving the first-born son. They were to be ready to leave on a moments notice--taking only what they could carry with them, leaving the rest behind.

We heard at the beginning of Advent in our church, "It matters how you wait." The Israelites had been waiting for their freedom for generations. They were waiting for God to emancipate them. They had to obey God's commands. They had to be ready. There couldn't be any hesitation.

Advent is partly about us being ready as well. We must be ready for Christ's return. It will happen without a moment's notice. We are called to be like Christ: to obey God completely, to love others selflessly, to live fully. We must love God more than we love the world. We must not try to "live it up" waiting until the last moment to follow whole-heartedly.

Be prepared. It matters how you wait.

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