Second Saturday in Advent: Blizzard

Today, we woke up to a blizzard. It's our third snowstorm this winter; they've all been over eight inches or more. Which is fun in most ways--I like winter. I like having snow on the ground (it's great fun). I like the crisp freshness of a fresh fall.

Today we have had probably about a foot and a half of snow (in addition to what was on the ground before). It's blowing (which is the first we've experienced in the city--it was very common in the country). The temperature is dropping. Pretty much everything was cancelled (even the buses and mail carriers were pulled off the streets at one point).

We spent time making cookies, cooking soup, watching a movie together as a family, and of course doing plenty of shoveling. It was a nice day. I got work done, but it was laid back. And the boys got to be involved. The neighbor boys came over and played for a while.

Blizzards, in some ways, are the epitome of Advent. They force us to slow down. They cancel our plans. And though they often produce a little more work for us, for a time they give us a reprieve from the busyness we often find ourselves in this time of year. We can over-schedule ourselves this time of year--and often for good reasons--but sometimes we need the reminder that we're not in control and that we need times of rest.

Plus, once the roads get cleared we'll be able to do some good sledding again.

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Jane D. said...

Loving this forced slow down myself!